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Providing a scalable, common-sense approach to simplify HIPAA compliance requirements for Covered Entities and Business Associates 

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Make sure your organization is well positioned to meet regulatory HIPAA requirements. In as little as 15 minutes, our HIPAA compliance experts will evaluate your current compliance program to determine if all mandatory privacy and security safeguards are in place to meet government regulations. Avoid record amounts of fines and penalties that are being imposed.  Contact Us Today

Experts providing a full range of HIPAA compliance services

Designed to maximize your valuable time and customized to meet HIPAA standards while reducing your risk of non-compliance. We offer risk assessments, policies and procedures, risk management plans, security awareness & privacy training, vendor security evaluations, documentation reviews, facility security surveys, and much more.  See Our Services

Are These the Types of Situations Your Organization Tries to Address:

  • The regulations are so complex, we can’t seem to figure out what needs to be in place to meet requirements.
  • We spoke with other HIPAA compliance companies and consultants and are now even more confused about the requirements and received conflicting quotes for services.
  • The cost for compliance services seems very high and well beyond our budget.
  • We think our HIPAA compliance program addresses all the requirements, but we are not sure.
  • Would our organization be prepared if a HIPAA breach does occur?
  • We are a small organization and do not have the internal resources to manage our HIPAA compliance program and to make sure we are up-to-date with the current regulations.
  • We are a new organization and quickly need to put a HIPAA compliance program in place.

At Colington Consulting, we offer a full range of services for all types of healthcare organizations and business associates to meet regulatory HIPAA compliance requirements and address all these situations and more. Leveraging our experience in government operations, Colington Consulting offers expertise to implement compliance programs and make sure you have the proper safeguards in place. Our fees are based on what specifically your organization will need to meet regulatory requirements and reasonably priced to accommodate any budget.

Whether you are a dental practice, healthcare app developer, general medical practice, urgent care facility, or a hospital system seeking assistance with HIPAA Security and Privacy Rule compliance, our solutions are designed to maximize your valuable time. Colington Consulting provides consultation should your practice or business be the subject of a HHS-OCR compliance investigation or audit.